The book of Isabel

In the summer of 2020 I graduated the AKV|Sint Joost Art academy, this is my graduation project. A solo developed VR experience for the Oculus Quest. 

''imaginative way of story telling''

The VR experience tells the story of Isabel, a 19 year old girl who had a traumatic traffic accident. During the experience you will walk through the memories and feelings of recovery. Experiencing what she went through and hearing her thoughts from a safe distance


Ok, this was great! I have say from the start, the narrator was super! So much passion and expression into the extracts. A thoughtful journey that someone takes after such a traumatic event. Great visuals and sound and the final rise up into the sky was just beautiful. Give this experience a download. Credit to the developer for creating something so moving and memorable.


Paul Horton

Sidequest review

Very moving; left me balling; thank you for sharing your story in this powerful way.


Lexi Haley

Sidequest review

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