3D Work

My main focus, I try to learn more with every project. realistic or cartoony renders, Anything software related

The book of Isabel

A compelling story based on true events.
this is my graduation project, and my first venture into VR.

Graphic design

I have always practiced graphic design and branding, although not being my major I try to incorporate it in my work as much as possible.


This is my major, anything drawn or moving with a story. enveloping clever or emotional messages in an attractive package.

Other Project

practical, non practical, or anything out of my discipline. I like making things using my skills and I am always excited to learn new ones.


 A colorful easy to learn, hard to master, braintrainer. 
in colaboration with Floris Schippers & Sven van Genderen


Don den Boef is an all-purpose creative professional from the randstad area, in 2020 he graduated at: the Sint Joost academy of art. He is currently available for any projects involving (but not limited to): 3d modelling and rendering, Graphic design, illustration, animation, game art/design, tattoo designs, quick prototyping,.



Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.